Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beer #261 - Anspach & Hobday The Experimental Rhubarb Sour

The fifth and final beer of my trip to Bermondsey was Anspach & Hobday’s The Experimental Rhubarb Sour. I was heading for home but having read about this one in the week I was keen to try it so popped in A&H just before they closed up for a glass. The Rhubarb Sour is the second of their ‘Experiment’ brews, following a Double IPA which was the first and was available on keg only. Now subsequent to trying this I’ve read a bit more about the beer including reviews on RateBeer which haven’t been the most positive. I, however, made my notes at the time and prior to reading people’s other negative views. I’ve tried a couple of sour beers before and it’s probably fair to say that as yet I don’t really ‘get’ them. As you can see it pours a hazy golden orange colour and you can pick up the tartness that is to follow quite heavily on the nose. It’s sharp and yes, very sour indeed, but isn’t that the point? I found it perfectly drinkable and with a nice strong hint of rhubarb amidst sour berries.  

Brewery: Anspach & Hobday
Country: United Kingdom
ABV: 4.6%

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