Complete list of UK beers (A - H)

Acorn Barnsley Bitter (Acorn Brewery)
Adnams / Stone Supremely Self Conscious Black Ale (Adnams/Stone Collaboration)
Adnams / The Alchemist Enraptured (Adnams/The Alchemist Collaboration)
Adnams Fat Sprat (Adnams)
Adnams Jack Brand Dry Hopped Lager (Adnams)
Adnams Mosaic Pale Ale (Adnams)
Adnams Old Ale (Adnams)
Adnams Sole Star (Adnams)

Adventure North (Adventure Brewery)
Adventure South (Adventure Brewery)
Anarchy Quiet Riot (Anarchy Brew Co.)
Anspach & Hobday / Albion Sasquatch (Anspach & Hobday / Albion Brew Co. Collaboration)
Anspach & Hobday The Cream Ale (Anspach & Hobday)
Anspach & Hobday The Experimental Rhubard Sour (Anspach & Hobday)
Anspach & Hobday The Pale Ale Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe (Anspach & Hobday)
Anspach & Hobday The Porter (Anspach & Hobday)
Anspach & Hobday The Smoked Brown (Anspach & Hobday)
Atlas Wayfarer (The Orkney Brewery)

Badger Tanglefoot (Badger Brewery)
Banks's / Saint Archer Pale Ale (Banks's Brewery / Saint Archer Brewery Collaboration)
Batemans / Fat Head's Sunshine Daydream (Batemans Brewery/Fat Head's Brewery Collaboration)
Batemans / Nøgne Ø Brown Ale (Batemans Brewery/Nøgne Ø Collaboration)
Batemans Hazelnut Brownie (Batemans Brewery)
Batemans Spring Breeze (Batemans Brewery)
Bath Dark Side (Bath Ales)
Bath Gem (Bath Ales)
Bath Wild Hare (Bath Ales)
Brains SA (Brains)
Brains The Rev. James (Brains)
Beavertown / IMBC Earl Phantom (Beavertown Brewery/IMBC Collaboration)
Beavertown / Lervig The Gose Strikes Back (Beavertown Brewery/Lervig Collaboration)
Beavertown Applelation (Beavertown Brewery)
Beavertown Bloody 'Ell (Beavertown Brewery)
Beavertown Chilli Lime Saison (Beavertown Brewery)
Beavertown Dishoom India Pale Ale (Beavertown Brewery)
Beavertown Gamma Ray (Beavertown Brewery)
Beavertown Quelle Saison (Beavertown Brewery)
Beavertown Smog Rocket (Beavertown Brewery)
Beavertown Stingy Jack (Beavertown Brewery)
Belhaven Grand Slam (Belhaven Brewery)
Black Sheep All Creatures (Black Sheep Brewery)
Black Sheep Velo (Black Sheep Brewery)
Blacksmith Golden Ale (?)
Bombardier Burning Gold (Wells & Young's)
Boundary (Cottage Brewing)
Brew By Numbers 01|06 Saison - Motueka & Lime (Brew By Numbers)
Brew By Numbers 02|01 Golden Ale Motueka & Pacific Jade (Brew By Numbers)
Brew By Numbers 03|02 Porter Liberty (Brew By Numbers)
BrewDog 5am Saint (BrewDog)
BrewDog Dead Pony Club (BrewDog)
BrewDog Hop Fiction (BrewDog)
BrewDog Punk IPA (BrewDog)
BrewDog Santa Paws (BrewDog)
Brick Archway Steam (Brick Brewery)
Brick Hefeweizen (Brick Brewery)
Brick Sir Thomas Gardyner (Brick Brewery)
Brixton Effra Ale (Brixton Brewery)
Bullfinch USA IPA (Bullfinch Brewery)
Bullmastiff Welsh Black (Bullmastiff Brewery)
Burning Sky Plateau Pale Ale (Burning Sky)
Burning Sky Saison a la Provision (Burning Sky)
Butcombe Matthew Pale Ale (Butcombe Brewery)
Buxton American Rye (Buxton Brewery)
Buxton Jacob's Ladder (Buxton Brewery)
Buxton Special Pale Ale (Buxton Brewery)
Byatt's Colombo Golden Ale (Byatt's Brewery)
By The Horns Mayor of Garratt (By The Horns Brewing Co.)
By The Horns Stiff Upper Lip (By The Horns Brewing Co.)  

Cader Chwerw Idris Bitter (Cader Ales)
Cader Tallylyn Pale Ale (Cader Ales)
Caledonian Lichfield Vaults Hereford Ale (Caledonian Brewery)
Caledonian / Ninkasi Cream Ale (Caledonian Brewery/Ninkasi Brewing Co. collaboration)
Camden Town Gentleman's Wit (Camden Town Brewery)
Camden Town Hells Lager (Camden Town Brewery)
Camden Town India Hells Lager (Camden Town Brewery)
Camden Town Camden Ink (Camden Town Brewery)
Camden Town Pale Ale (Camden Town Brewery)
Camden Town Camden Pils (Camden Town Brewery)
Celt Experience Bleddyn 1075 (Celt Experience)
Chorlton Dark Matter (Chorlton Brewing Co.)
Clarence & Fredericks Cascadian Black (Clarence & Fredericks)
Clarence & Fredericks Golden Ale (Clarence & Fredericks)
Clarkshaws Gorgon's Alive (Clarkshaws)
Clarkshaws Phoenix Rising (Clarkshaws)
Cliff Quay Around the Horn (Cliff Quay Brewery / Greene King collaboration)
Cobra (Coors UK)
Coniston K7 (Coniston Brewing Co.)
Coors Light (Coors UK)
Cotswold Spring Old Sodbury Mild (Cotswold Spring Brewing Co.)
Cross Bay Zenith (Cross Bay Brewery)
Crouch Vale Yakima Gold (Crouch Vale Brewery) 
Curious IPA (Chapel Down Winery)

Dark Star American Pale Ale (Dark Star Brewing Co.)
Dark Star Art of Darkness (Dark Star Brewing Co.)
Dark Star Coconut Porter (Dark Star Brewing Co.)
Dark Star Espresso (Dark Star Brewing Co.)
Dark Star Hophead (Dark Star Brewing Co.)
Dark Star Partridge (Dark Star Brewing Co.) 
Dark Star Six Grain (Dark Star Brewing Co.)
Dartmoor Jail Ale (Dartmoor Brewery)
DNA New World IPA (Wells & Young's/Dogfish Head collaboration)
Driftwood Red Mission (Driftwood Spars Brewery)

East London Cowcatcher (East London Brewing Co.)
East London Foundation Bitter (East London Brewing Co.)
East London Quadrant Oatmeal Stout (East London Brewing Co.)
Elland Celebration Porter (Elland Brewery)
Everards Tiger (Everards Brewery)

Fellows Full English (Fellows Brewery)
Five Points Pale (Five Points Brewing Co.)
Florence A Head in a Hat Tommy IPA (Florence Brewery)
Fosters Radler (Heineken UK)
Fourpure Oatmeal Stout (Fourpure Brewing Co.)
Fourpure Pils (Fourpure Brewing Co.)
Fourpure Wai-iti Saison (Fourpure Brewing Co.)
Fuller's Discovery (Fuller's)
Fuller's London Porter (Fuller's)
Fuller's London Pride (Fuller's)
Fuller's Red Fox (Fuller's)
Fuller's/Gales Seafarers Ale (Fuller's)

Gadds' Magical Mystery Mild (Gadds Ramsgate Brewery)
Gadds' She Sells Sea Shells (Gadds Ramsgate Brewery)
Gold Beacons (Brecon Brewing)
Golden Adder (Mauldons Brewery/Greene King collaboration)
Golden Sheep (Black Sheep Brewery)
Goody Genesis (Goody Ales)
Goody Good Sheppard (Goody Ales)
Great Heck Amish Mash (Great Heck Brewing)
Greene King Down the Dragon (Greene King)
Greene King IPA (Greene King)
Greene King Yardbird (Greene King)
Greene King / Penpont Cornish Coast (Greene King / Penpont Collaboration)
Gurkha Beer (Hepworth & Co. Brewers)

Hardknott Infra Red (Hardknott)
Harveys Sussex Best Bitter (Harveys)
Hastings Handmade 17: Session Pale (Hastings Brewery)
Heavy Industry Collaborator (Heavy Industry Brewing)
Hereford Herefordshire Owd Bull (Hereford Brewery)
Holt's Maplemoon (Joseph Holt of Manchester)
Hook Norton Hooky (Hook Norton Brewery)
Hook Norton Lion (Hook Norton Brewery)

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