Complete list of UK beers (I-Z)

I accidentally deleted the content of this page which, I imagine, was far more upsetting for me than it is for you to find it empty. I may get around to putting the full list back together one day but for now I will add new beers as they appear.

Marks & Spencer Five Hop Lager (Hogs Back)
Marks & Spencer Greenwich Black IPA (Meantime Brewing Co.)
Marks & Spencer Greenwich Smoked Bock (Meantime Brewing Co.)
Marks & Spencer Island Hopper Pale Ale (Windsor & Eton)
Meantime Yakima Red (Meantime Brewing Co.)

Partizan Black Saaz Saison (Partizan Brewing)
Partizan Dubbel Winter (Partizan Brewing)
Partizan FES (Partizan Brewing)
Partizan IPA Citra (Partizan Brewing)
Partizan Pale Ale Sorachi Ace Calypso Bravo (Partizan Brewing)
Partizan Saison Grisette Lemongrass & Lychee (Partizan Brewing)
Partizan Wit Beer (Partizan Brewing)
Pressure Drop Pale Fire (Pressure Drop)

Saltaire / Dark Star Le IPA (Saltaire / Dark Star collaboration)
Saltaire Blonde (Saltaire Brewery)
Saltaire South Island Pale (Saltaire Brewery)
Saltaire Triple Chocoholic (Saltaire Brewery)
Saltaire XS Imperial Stout (Saltaire Brewery)
Siren / Magic Rock / Beavertown Rule of Thirds (Siren collaboration)
Siren / Omnipollo / Niklas Johansson Life is a Peach (Siren collaboration)
Siren Biere De Gouttiere (Siren Craft Brew)
Siren Love of Work (Siren Craft Brew)
Siren Ryesing Tides (Siren Craft Brew)

Tiny Rebel / Beavertown Tiny Beaver (Tiny Rebel / Beavertown collaboration)
Tiny Rebel Beat Box (Tiny Rebel)
Tiny Rebel Cwtch (Tiny Rebel)
Tiny Rebel Fubar (Tiny Rebel)
Tiny Rebel Hank (Tiny Rebel)
Tiny Rebel The Full Nelson (Tiny Rebel)
Tomos Watkin Cwrw Idris (Tomos Watkin)

Whitstable Oyster Stout (Whitstable Brewery)
Wild Beer Wild Goose Chase (Wild Beer Co.)

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