Monday, 6 January 2014

Beer #162 - Adventure South

This one had been knocking around in my cupboard for a couple of months so I thought it high time I drank it this weekend. I picked this up at Budgens in Islington along with 'North' from the same brewery. Now this one I liked. It's a 19th century recipe with bitter Australian hops which left me wondering if I wouldn't like it. It poured quite murky and there was quite a bit of sediment floating around although that is most likely due to poor storage on my part. The hop levels in this are absolutely bang on as far as I'm concerned. It is bitter and there is citrus on the nose and the palate but nothing is overdone, it's a really well balanced beer and very, very drinkable. Right up my street, kudos Adventure!

Brewery: Adventure Brewery
Country: United Kingdom
ABV: 5.0%

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