Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Beer #121 - Adnams Old Ale

I think I may have a new favourite Adnams beer (until the next one I drink). This is one of the brewery’s oldest recipes, first brewed in 1890, which arguably goes to show that sometimes you just shouldn’t mess around with things, beer included. It’s a seasonal brew, available between October and January annually and I strongly urge you to seek it out. It pours a clear yet dark brown with a slight creamy head. It’s a beautifully robust beer that belies its 4.1% ABV. It’s a malt-forward beer and with strong caramel and fruity tones and a vague hint of spiciness. Absolutely lovely and perfect for this time of year when the cold weather is starting to set in.

Brewery: Adnams
Country: United Kingdom
ABV: 4.1 %

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